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Refurbished Spark, mis see tähendab? DJI’le tagasisaadetud tehasedefekftiga droon, mille on DJI omaltpoolt üle vaadanud ning korda teinud ja seejärel uuesti pakendanud.


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DJI Refurbished Product FAQ

  • Each DJI Certified Refurbished Product: 
    • Undergoes full functionality testing, where any defective modules are replaced; 
    • Is put through a thorough cleaning and inspection process; 
    • Is repackaged (including appropriate manuals, parts) and new boxes; 
    • Is placed into a Final Quality Assurance inspection before being offered for sale; 
    • Undergo the same basic testing procedures and are assessed with the same technical guidelines as new DJI products; 
    • May have slight signs of wear, such as minor scratches. Returns due to aesthetic conditions that do not affect product performance are not accepted.